Gemma Limarí


Over 80 million years ago, a great volcanic eruption gave origin to combarbalita, an emblematic mineral of the Limarí Valley, where Gemma’s vineyards and cellars are located. 

Used in the times before Columbus for ornamental and utilitarian purposes, combarbalita is one of Chile’s emblematic semi-precious stones. It was declared its “National Stone” in 1993, replacing lapis lazuli.

It has a marble-like aspect with several colors: turquoise green, red, white, pink, and brown. After centuries of labor, carvers have made working with combarbalita a part of culture, history and Chilean tradition. 

For this reason, combarbalita is the emblematic stone of our sparkling wine. This geological component not only contributes to the unique minerality of our earth, it also is the inspiration behind out bottle.