Gemma Limarí


Sparkling wine elaborated with the traditional method, with a predominant of Pinot Noir from the the Limarí Valley, kept in its bottle for at least two years. 

Its grapes, just like the Gemma Brut, are grown in the Limarí Valley, which allows for a delicate sparkling wine that captures the characteristic notes of the region.

MIX: Organic grapes, 70% Pinot Noir, y 30% Chardonnay, exclusively from the Limarí Valley. 

TASTING NOTES: Using mostly Pinot Noir and some Chardonnay, Gemma Rosé expresses delicate floral and red fruit aromas.

It reaches its full maturity inside its bottle after at least 24 months. The Limarí Valley’s characteristic minerality adds an interesting complexity to the first and only Rosé sparkling wine from the region.